Currently way too early for my flight and spending $5 for a water at Hudson News isn't wasting enough time.
  1. I have 4 hours
  2. Write a list! Potential topics: the 5 most bangable people in the terminal, least appealing food selections, book purchases most likely to make your flight seatmate think you're crazy....(photos encouraged on all)
    Suggested by @mandi
  3. Stealth photograph thematic items and/or people you find interesting and make a list of them!
    For instance Tropical Hawaiian shirts worn by JFK travelers or Nautical themed items found in gift shops and food purveyors.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  4. Go up to the welcome desk of each airport lounge and ask if they found your charger/hat/other article from when you left it there "last time." If you're lucky, you will be able to see their humongous lost & found bins. WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. This is also fun for killing time near gyms.
    Suggested by @vp