Big words, basic meanings.
  1. Strategy
    If you're a "strategist," you basically just figure out how to do something and make a plan to execute.
  2. Deck
    A fancy word for a PowerPoint, not where you park a boat.
  3. CMS
    Aka a content management system. Aka a place where you put stuff and organize it.
  4. Second-screen
    A phone or a screen other than what you see on a television.
  5. Content
    Copy, tweets, Instagrams, Vines, etc.
  6. Editorial Calendar
    A place where you say "Hey! Here's all the stuff we're gonna tweet/Instagram/write for X amount of time and pretend we're posting it in real-time!"
  7. SEO
    Search-engine-optimization aka getting your website to come up on that prizes page one on Google.
  8. Curation
    You basically just went through a vetting process with a team of people to figure out which tweet will do the best.
  9. Organic
    Used when describing "content." The more "organic" it is, the more likely millennials won't think it's a paid advertisement. But, they will probably figure it out regardless.