1. Buitoni cheese tortellini, with a side of apple sauce.
    Your daughter decided to become a vegetarian as a form of "Your mother and I are getting a divorce" rebellion. She'll love this!
  2. Fish sticks with tartar sauce
    Your kids have been watching a lot of Spongebob on Saturday mornings and this is an easy way to connect with their favorite show!
  3. Breakfast for dinner
    Did you forget to go to the store, because you got back late from a business trip? Just throw some bacon and eggs in the pan and voilà!
  4. Frozen Eggo waffles with Aunt Jemima's maple syrup
    Your townhouse isn't near a Waffle House, so bring Waffle House to your dining room table that is one of those cool glass ones with chairs your "friend from work" told you to get.
  5. Chicken fingers and tater tots
    Listen to your son's wishes and cook him his favorite meal. Just remind him to not tell his mother.
  6. Domino's two-for-one deal
    One pizza for the kids while they swim in the pool next to the clubhouse and one is for you and that woman who is a "friend from work."
  7. Burgers from the bar
    You're the only dad that they let bring his kids into the bar. You let them sit at the counter, while the kids split a burger. Your daughter exclaims that she's still a vegetarian and you tell her that she can just eat french fries for dinner. But, please, don't tell your mother.