Reunited with @celine in her Parisian apartment after way too many months apart. ❤️
  1. Paid 70 cents to go pee.
    In the train station and I was desperate okay?!
  2. Climbed nine flights of stairs.
    She lives on the top floor. The view will take whatever is left of your breath away.
  3. Took a selfie.
  4. Walked down nine flights of stairs.
    Note: It does not get easier on the way down.
  5. Took the Metro to the Marais.
  6. Almost got a falafel.
  7. Got two crêpes instead.
  8. Drank a bottle of cidre de bretagne.
    Out of a bowl.
  9. Walked through the Marais after a Parisian rainstorm.
    We were a cliche.
  10. Took the Metro back to @celine's apartment.
  11. Climbed the stairs again.
  12. Now we're drinking wine.
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  13. Unwound in true millennial fashion
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    So happy to see you, let me tweet about it.
    Suggested by @celine