1. SportsCenter theme song
    He was the captain of the baseball team and I came over to "watch ESPN" after school. Romantic, I know. (I feel like @RachelNichols would have some thoughts on this.)
  2. Seal - Crazy
    Probably. Or, The Edge Of Heaven by Wham
    Suggested by @jeremysomething
  3. Rihanna--"Disturbia"
    I can't remember if this was playing during the actual act or just that night but I have a distinct memory of that, along with the end of "The Dark Knight"
    Suggested by @RachelP
  4. Soundtrack to Spaceballs
    Because we had been watching Spaceballs.
    Suggested by @clubsilencio01
  5. Nervous virgin breathing
    Suggested by @dr_beexo
  6. "Two Way Monologue" by Sondre Lerche
    Great song. Meh sex.
    Suggested by @Waz
  7. The sound of my friend passed out 15 feet away and drunk snoring...
    Suggested by @dena