1. Animated movies aren't realistic
    Age three. I preferred foreign movies about incest.
  2. Not in that hat.
    Age four. Regarding swim caps for synchronized swimming at the YMCA. I didn't sign up.
  3. FSU athletic shorts are the best piece of clothing to wear to school.
    Ages eleven and twelve. Found at a thrift store for two dollars on half-off Monday.
  4. Bobs look good on me.
    Age eight. It was a private school and I copied another girl. I went back to public school the following year.
  5. Cake is my favorite band.
    Age fourteen. It was my second concert and boy did I think I was cool.
  6. I'm never getting rid of my Palm Pilot.
    Ages fifteen and sixteen. I still stand by the raised keyboard.
  7. Boys complicate things.
    Age sixteen until TBD.