Also: The first man to ask me out.
  1. I was 16
    After being burnt out by the Japanese modeling industry, I spent the summer working at a community park.
  2. I was a secretary
    Of sorts. I sat behind an old PC computer, only answered phone calls when I wanted to, and watched Louis CK stand-up when no one was around.
  3. He always came on Tuesdays.
    At 9am sharp, he'd waltz into the office in an orange jumpsuit, smelling of aluminum cans and wet newspaper.
  4. He wasn't a secretary.
    He was a trash collector for the city. He drove a white truck and went around to all the community parks, picking up the remains of birthday cakes and deflated balloons.
  5. We barely spoke.
    I would only glance up at him from behind the PC. Sometimes he'd ask how my day was going and I would tell him that it was going okay. That was it.
  6. By 9:03am, he was gone.
    I knew he left, when I heard the revving sound of his engine out of my left ear. Even through the cement structure I was in, I knew where he was headed.
  7. This went on for about a month.
    The job at the community park was boring and it was time to go back to school anyways. I was done renting tennis rackets, being yelled at by parents about issues I couldn't solve, and there wasn't any more Louis CK online that I hadn't already watched.
  8. So I quit.
    On my last day, I said goodbye to the old woman who replaced me in the afternoons and the stoner who strung rackets high. I didn't even think about saying goodbye to the man in the orange jumpsuit.
  9. Then I walked home.
    I made it halfway out of the parking lot, when I heard the noise. The truck was so overwhelming that the children on the playground turned to look, but it was only a trash truck and they were too old to care about that kind of stuff anymore.
  10. He honked his horn.
    I'm not sure why he did this, because he was pulled up next to me, as I made it to the sidewalk on the other side of the parking lot.
  11. He asked what I was up to.
    I said I quit and was going home.
  12. He looked suprised and I kept walking.
    He slowly followed in his truck, while yelling at me out of his window.
  13. He wanted to know what I was doing the rest of the summer.
    I froze. From the little experience I had with boys, let alone men, I knew where this was headed.
  14. My cheeks turned pink and I kept re-tucking my hair behind my ears.
    "I'm busy all summer," I managed to mumble. I kept walking, but I could hear is truck follow.
  15. "I see."
    He mumbled back and reminded me that I should let him know if I ever wanted to see a movie, but I think he knew my answer was final.
  16. The truck roared off.
    Out of the parking lot and a left on Church Street.
  17. I never saw him again.
    Which was probably for the best. I was too embarrassed and I don't think it would've worked out anyways. After all, I was 16 and he was 26, with no degree and only a white truck to his name.