This one is a stretch, but I am SO INTO THIS IDEA @aprilkquioh
  1. Scrambled Eggs
    The basic of the basic. Probably grew up in the suburbs, played on expensive "club" sports teams, and was driven around by their mom in a Denali.
  2. Egg Whites
    Definitely a white girl, who probably grew up in the suburbs, but then went to a private liberal arts school for college and picked up yoga, because she read about it online.
  3. French Toast
    Says one thing to you and something completely different to someone else. Probably got in a lot of trouble when they were younger for having too much energy in class. Most likely grew up to be a reality star.
  4. Smoothie
    Everyone hates this person. Somehow, they manage to go to a 90-minute spin class, before showing up to work, with their hair blown out and all they say is, "What?!"
  5. Nothing
    These are our liars. The ones who would steal your idea and just shrug their shoulders if you confronted them. They probably claim that they "hate" breakfast and will most likely vote for Donald Trump in an ironic way.
  6. Yogurt (per @jesseno's request)
    She is the type of person that gets seconds at the continental breakfast in a Holiday Inn. Her stomach is hard as a rock and she spends her weekends watching re-runs of Friends, after spending the morning walking around the mall.