Come out and see the people below (including me and @emheb) kinda do improv 5pm this Sunday at UCBeast!
  1. The Theater Kid
    He went to Tisch and talks about it every week. He asks too many questions and sends us emails telling us that he has to miss class because of an audition. He is on IMDB though.
  2. The Apathetic Dad
    Every time he gets on stage, he lets out a huge sigh. He complains when he doesn't like a suggestion and really hates his 9-5 job. Still don't know why he's in this class.
  3. The Naive Out-Of-Towner
    He's the "I just moved here from Austin and wanna explore the city!" kind of guy. Probably hangs out in Murray Hill.
  4. The "We're Just Here For The Ride" Girls
    Me and @emheb fall into this category and I'm pretty sure that's why our teacher likes us.
  5. The Upper East Side Mom Who Has A Lot Of Time On Her Hands
    Fun fact: She's pregnant! I envision her living in a three bedroom apartment on like 86th and Park with her husband who is a doctor at Mount Sinai.
  6. The model who's getting into acting
    And wears clothes that aren't improv-conducive 👀
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy