I'm in the UK so that is a v real and v sad reason why could not attend. But, @sarah, @celine and I are trying to make a Europe meet-up happen! Who is down?
  1. Had two of my dozen eggs crack in the basket on the back of my bike.
  2. Drank a flat white.
  3. Had a pint (or two or three) in a pub where Tolkien used to hang.
    I feel like List App would approve of this.
  4. Read some books in a 16th century building.
    This was pretty dope as the kids say!
  5. Ate a pizza from Domino's to get in touch with my cultural roots.
  6. Checked Twitter
  7. Got v jealous over List App party updates from @videodrew 🙊
  8. Had another pint or two in List App's honor. 🍻