It's been a while.
  1. Mexican Food
    Upon returning to The United States (July 19th!!!), I'll be ordering a margarita, guacamole, and many tacos. All NYC ListAppers are welcome! 🙏🏼
  2. Free water
    Over all of this damn Evian. While, yes, they will give you tap water, one glass won't do it.
  3. Ice
    No more like warm one glass of tap water please!!!
  4. Air Conditioning
    Sometimes, you just want to be an eco-terrorist and blast the AC, ya know?
  5. Overpriced Smoothies
    There's something about justifying an $11 smoothie from JuicePress, which I can't wait to do again.
  6. Not having to pay with coins
    While I've loved seeing the Queen's face on the Pound and random landmarks on the Euro, you guys use too many coins.