1. Money
    You usually only hear this from high-fashion models, because they're perpetually in debt. Fun fact: Vogue pays like $75 but it's "for the exposure" lol.
  2. Measurements
    Anytime an agent tells a model that they need new digitals, they really mean to tell them: "Hey you're kind of fat in the latest Instagram so we're gonna have to re-measure you."
  3. Working out
    SoulCycle, FlyWheel, SoHo Strength Lab, Model Fit...Which do I choose?! The real point of this complaint is models who get angry when another model finds a better (free) personal trainer.
  4. Fashion week
    Imagine sleeping four hours a night (if you're lucky), having to survive on Diet Coke, travel to four countries, and have to look good while wearing gowns that cost more than the average rent in the West Village. And do it for a month, twice a year.
  5. Things not fitting
    The shoes are always too small and the pants are an inch too short. "But, don't worry about it," the photographer says. "We can Photoshop it!"
  6. Agents
    The last asshole you want to tell you to "shape up" - fucking hypocrite
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