1. Manicures
  2. Jay-walking across the street in New York because you're too impatient to wait just five more seconds.
    You will fall in whatever black ice is left like I did a few days ago.
  3. Boys who don't call
  4. Men who don't call
  5. The $10 smoothie
    I don't want to take this one to heart, but I probably should.
  6. Being mad at a friend who cancels plans
    You can watch Netflix instead!
  7. Canceling your subscription to the New Yorker
    Keep print alive and impress all of your friends who come over.
  8. Signing up for an over-priced exercise class because you like the t-shirts they sell and all of your friends are doing it.
    Go get some fresh air! (The Instagram light is better anyways)
  9. The water bottle from Hudson News
    Bring a janky plastic one and fill it up at the water fountain. Look: you just saved $4.99 and the planet kind of!