Forever Beta 💕✨ (Peep me on Twitter and let's stay in touch, because this is the camp community I never had as an in-town kid who didn't go to summer camp.)
  1. Moved back to New York
  2. Drove for the first time in a snow-storm.
  3. Graduated from Improv 101 @ucbcomedy and I live to tell the tale!
    Shout out to Carrie for being the best teacher an improv idiot could ask for!
  4. Moved to Oxford, England.
  5. Wrote 35,000 and drank a few too many Guinnai (plural of Guiness) with @mjgompels.
  6. Went to a bougie advertising conference in Cannes that is basically one giant excuse to channel your inner Don Draper.
  7. Moved back to Athens, Georgia for a bit.
  8. Got a Pap smear hungover.
  9. Currently witing a paper for an academic journal. 💁🏻✨
  10. Started playing tennis.
    Hi, let's play I'm bad but it will be fun anyways.
  11. Applied for PhD programs.
  12. Went to multiple SEC football games.
    @CarlosHerrera I feel like we have a lot to discuss.
  13. Danced in the rain.
  14. Read a lot.
  15. Wrote a lot.
  16. Listed a lot.
  17. Here's to what the next 44 weeks of the biggest beta app of all, life, will bring.