Kyoto International School was a mix of rich Japanese families and ex-pats whose academic grants paid for their children to have this v hip, v international education. 😎
  1. Knowing how to ride the unicycle during recess.
  2. Being named "Wave."
    Only one girl with this name, so I knew I had to be friends with her. She was half Australian and half Japanese and is now the coolest photographer. Fun fact: At her old school in Sydney, they surfed for PE class.
  3. Playing the recorder.
  4. Singing Norah Jones songs in the talent show.
  5. Being on the cover of the local magazine.
    I was Miss October and I posed with some elderly Japanese man. I think he was the owner of a charity in Kyoto, but I cannot confirm this...
  6. Playing soccer.
  7. Wearing Stan Smith's
  8. Gossiping in Japanese.
  9. Being friends with Mr.Duff, our Canadian English/History teacher.
  10. Having an aesthetically-pleasing bento box at lunch.
  11. Going to Kabuki performances on field trips
    Suggested by @celine