1. Baskets that have a handle so you might as well just get a cart.
  2. Dooney & Bourke bags
    I bet you forgot these were still a thing, but T.J. Maxx is here to remind you that it's still 2003!
  3. Odd fitness accessories you don't need.
    Saw a waterbottle strap next to an organic yoga mat today.
  4. Michael Kors EVERYTHING
    So many cross-body bags.
  5. Runway samples that look like they've probably been used.
    On sale for $1100!
  6. Fake-fancy lotions
    With names like "Rosemary Sage Creations" or "Rose Water Spritz" who wouldn't want to feel like they're staying at a hotel in the comfort of their own bathroom?
  7. A clean restroom in the back left corner.
    I swear, that's where they're always located and a much cleaner alternative to using a Starbucks restroom.
  8. Faux wood plaques with inspirational sayings.
    "All you need is love" - Courtesy of your local T.J. Maxx and perfect for any suburban mom or college freshman looking to spruce up their dorm room
  9. Foreign snacks that are probably expired.
    Because everyone needs "Imported Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels" to compliment their new Ralph by Ralph Lauren Exclusively for Ralph Lauren polo.
  10. The longest check-out line
    But, hey, at least you're getting a great deal!