Side note: It was 💯 even though I still don't know Russian, but I don't think Shakespeare did either.
  1. There better be subtitles.
  2. Oh thank god, there are subtitles.
  3. Shit, I think I forgot my glasses.
  4. Wait, jk, they're in the bottom of my purse.
  5. Great! Now I can read this Shakespearean English!
  6. I still don't really know what's going on.
  7. @markravina should've come with me to this.
  8. I *would* have to pee now.
  9. Andddd there's no intermission.
  10. Okay, but I'm kind of into this being set in post-communist Russia.
  11. Even though I'm still not sure what's going on.
  12. Wait, I think this is where the nun shows up!
  13. It is! *high fives self*
  14. *looks away from subtitles for two seconds*
  15. And I'm lost again.
  16. I should've read the Wikipedia page.