1. Bella Swan
    It's complicated.
  2. Harry Potter
    British born, schooled in magic. Let me play a few tricks on you. 😏
  3. Austin Powers
    Yeah, baby.
  4. Kevin McCallister
    My home is usually pretty empty. Looking for someone to go on an adventure with.
  5. Scarlett O'Hara
    Southern belle, just looking for a man to sweep me off my feet.
  6. John Malkovich
    I just love being myself!
  7. Sandy Olsson
    Just an innocent blonde gal from the burbs in search of a city boy. 🙊
  8. Rocky Balboa
    Gym. Tan. Ladies.
  9. Willy Wonka
    Looking for a girl that's extra sweet.
  10. E.T.
    I'm known for my personality. True believer in not judging a book by its cover.
  11. Annie Hall
    Book worm. Lover of cats. Let's grab an espresso sometime.
  12. Darth Vader
    Let me be your daddy.