1. On a bus right as she's getting off.
    In 6th grade, this kid named Jake (sorry Jake) tapped me on the shoulder just as I was getting off the bus asking if I wanted to "chill." I politely declined by simply avoiding the question as I got off the bus.
  2. In your trash truck.
    I was walking home from my summer job in high-school at the local park when the guy who picks up trash pulled up beside me. He asked what I was doing this summer and I told him that I was busy every day. Also, I was like 16 so he definitely should've thought this one through.
  3. At a Manchester United game.
    I made the un-researched decision to go to a Man U game by myself. I did not know that women do not attend soccer games and I was the only girl in my section. A man who was half my height was sitting next to me and kept inquiring about "where I was staying." I told him that I didn't know and left halfway through the match.
  4. Waiting for the subway.
    After I politely declined I had to ride the subway with him for 20 minutes until we both got off AT THE SAME STOP.
  5. At the coffee shop that she frequents almost every day.
    I awkwardly laughed at the "let's get coffee" proposal mostly because it was so ironic that a barista was saying this. I didn't laugh when I had to avoid the most convenient coffee shop and find a new one.
  6. Over text
    Just pick up the damn phone every once in a while.