Not all model castings are for runway shows and Vogue. Here is a selection of strange castings I've been on in various cities around the world.
  1. Commercial for a hair-removal product.
    We had to learn a choreographed dance that we performed in front of a casting director. I am not a dancer.
  2. Slipper modeling.
    They took photos of our feet and asked us to pose in a "comfortable way."
  3. Canon how-to guide.
    As in the camera and a visual guide for using your new camera.
  4. Extra on a bad TV show.
    Too many to count and so many cheesy lines, usually involving getting a drink in a nightclub.
  5. Hand model for iPhone case.
    Yup, we were asked to pose with our hands.
  6. Pregnancy catalog.
    They put all of the models in fake bumps and gave us a fake husband.
  7. Atlanta music videos.
    Featuring such awkward tall-girl dancing for rappers like Ludacris, Usher and Soulja Boy. I never booked these.