You know, one of those Nokia's with an alarm clock and that game snake on it.
  1. When in doubt, shorten the text.
    Every text takes at least a minute to type, so your only option is to shorten it. And if you do need to send a paragraph, pick up the damn phone.
  2. Leave voicemails
    They're the lazy option for texting and will freak someone out thinking that a person died. Really, you just wanted to see if 1:30 worked for lunch!
  3. You can make your battery last if you try.
    I haven't charged my Nokia in a week. While this is not the norm for my "Let's find a Starbucks so I can charge my phone" iPhone, it is possible to make the battery last a bit longer if you aren't checking Instagram every minute. Don't worry, it will still be there when you return.
  4. T9 is cool
    I missed having a character limit on texts. It's like Twitter, but without the hashtags and sponsored posts.
  5. Make every emoji count.
    :( ;( :P :| are not the same as 😄😓😜😐 on a burner phone.