1. Extreme side part
    You were in a sorority, are involved in a lot of philanthropic activities on the weekends, and probably watch Fox News. Your schedule is so "open" that you can do yoga at 2pm on a Tuesday.
  2. Rich-girl side part
    You grew up in Westchester County and your mom took you to a grown-up salon before you could remember. Your hair always has the perfect amount of shine, like you've just gotten a blowout. It even looks good after you exercise.
  3. Middle part
    You're a model or a member of Haim.
  4. Off-part
    You're the everyday, working woman. You only get your haircut every six months, but it doesn't matter because it still looks great. You would rather spend money on an annual subscription to the New Yorker than the latest Bumble & Bumble hair product.