Overpriced mixed drinks are fun, but being able to drink champagne on the couch is fun, too.
  1. No cover charge to get into a crowded party that you didn't want to go to in the first place.
  2. No lines for the bathroom.
    ListApp Ladies will especially relate.
  3. No Uber surge prices.
  4. Free champagne.
    Well, *cheaper.*
  5. Watching Kathy Griffin bully Anderson Cooper.
  6. Trying to figure out how tall Ryan Seacrest really is.
  7. Unlimited snacks.
    Specifically: Cape Cod chips in the bulk bag and red grapes.
  8. Being in my pajamas at 12:01am so I can get a good night's sleep for a "hike" with @celine tomorrow.
    It's basically a leisurely stroll uphill.