I love MTA, but I have a few complaints.
  1. Port Authority
    Multiple entrances, no signage, sketchy unlit areas, what decade is it again?
  2. LIRR waiting area in Penn Station
    No service and claustrophobic. Also, the Starbucks down there has no outlets and limited seating.
  3. Nassau Ave G train stop
    Jk the entire G train.
  4. Times Square-42nd Street stop
    Imagine walking behind tourists, but it's everyone and you just missed that damn 7 train.
  5. The walk to the L train from Union Square
    I swear that tunnel never ends.
  6. Grand Central
    I love how pretty it is and its Humans of New York-ey vibes, but all of the flash mobs take away from actually getting where you want to go.