In my hometown for a few days, so of course I went to Costco to see what they have in stock.
  1. 100 Forever Stamps
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    Yes, there are still people who send letters and they happen to also be members at Costco. Faith in humanity has been restored.
  2. "Pimento cheese with soul."
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    That slogan says it all.
  3. Sunscreen in bulk.
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    It's January, but you never know when you're gonna go sunbathing!!!
  4. Godiva chocolate
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    How did Costco strike a deal with Godiva? I feel like Costco is not Godiva's #aesthetic.
  5. Discount airport parking
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    What I want for my birthday, obviously.
  6. Full-sized sofa
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    Because you never know when you'll walk into Costco and think: "Man, I really need a sofa today!"