Yes, They Sell These Things at Costco

In my hometown for a few days, so of course I went to Costco to see what they have in stock.
  1. 100 Forever Stamps
    Yes, there are still people who send letters and they happen to also be members at Costco. Faith in humanity has been restored.
  2. "Pimento cheese with soul."
    That slogan says it all.
  3. Sunscreen in bulk.
    It's January, but you never know when you're gonna go sunbathing!!!
  4. Godiva chocolate
    How did Costco strike a deal with Godiva? I feel like Costco is not Godiva's #aesthetic.
  5. Discount airport parking
    What I want for my birthday, obviously.
  6. Full-sized sofa
    Because you never know when you'll walk into Costco and think: "Man, I really need a sofa today!"