Watching these programs today definitely brings me back to the beautiful, nostalgic memories of my fantastic, loving grandmother! As she munched on some oven roasted peanuts and sipped at her vodka & tonic, my brother and sisters had their ice cream sundaes and we were good to go..let the shows begin!
  1. The Sound of Music
    All time favorite musical ...grams & I watched this every year (together if we could) but sometimes we were living far apart so we spoke on the phone before/after the viewing. We happily sang along 😳 ...we sounded terrible but sooo much fun!!
  2. The Love Boat
    We looked in the TV guide the night before to see who the guest star was going to be the following night. If the guest wasn't someone my grandmother "cared for" she just ditched me and went to bed! But this worked out great for me. I was able to stay up late on a Friday night... just to watch Fantasy Island, but I really loved this show! "The Plane, The Plane!"
  3. Wheel of Fortune
    My grandmother loved this show. We watched this every night after dinner.
  4. Jeopardy
    Uugggg! One of her favorites! Great time for me to do homework! Really funny to hear her say "What is ...."
  5. Wonder Woman & Six Million Dollar Man
    Grandma was most likely on her second drink maximum to sit through these two shows with me!! She was awesome...miss her so much 😢