Your Teenager Has You Questioning Your Youth....

  1. When you yell "Slow down, you're going way too fast!"
    - and she's only driving 35 in a 40 & you realize that you're also slamming on the invisible brake😱
  2. When you tell her that you're really thirsty
    - and she bursts out laughing because this means something completely different to her🤔
  3. When you're shopping and cannot find your favorite jeans in their usual section
    - I could not contemplate what the reasoning was behind this decision, why was there only super skinny jeans with various variations of glitter and rips on them? I'm not against skinny jeans, but these were just too crazy for me. My daughter looks up from her phone (finally) and said "they're probably over in that other section." Really? Did she just say that I was old in a helpful, loving way? Or maybe I'm just imagining that, so I head over there & of course there they are 🙄