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i reach into it all the time for the essentials and somehow there's always so much shit
  1. my lil wallet
    inside: drivers license, student id, a movie ticket reciept, a sonic gift card addressed to my uncle but gifted to me ($5.15), an old grocery list, an aaron brothers gift card ($4.87), my debit card, $21.30,
  2. my keys
    pink pepper spray and cat themed library card bc it's my brand
  3. 90 day supply of escitalopram
    bc ur girl has depression and anxiety baby!
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unranked bc i've put v little thought into this
  1. Percy from Squaresville
    Squaresville is my favorite webseries and Percy was the token geek bro. here is a pic i photoshopped of us together when i was 15
  2. Anna Oliphant from Anna and the French Kiss
    so sweet and relatable and cool!! i wanna sleep next to my crush!!!! jk i've done that and it was Underwhelming
  3. Evan Huang from Fresh Off the Boat
    the sweetest, cutest, funniest character on tv right now i wanna SQUISH HIM
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  1. fail more
    for character growth
  2. read at least 12 books
    i miss reading!!!!!!!
  3. stop hanging out w people that make me feel shitty!!!!!!!!!
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the first installment of a series i'm starting about my friends
  1. we have crushes on the same celebs
  2. we both love to make weird stuff
  3. sometimes those things intersect
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  1. talks during movies
    usually its about the movie tho so theres that
  2. either have zero energy or one thousand
  3. cynical af
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  1. "i really hate spongebob memes"
    did not go over well
  2. "u ever think that the reason you think history is easy is because your teacher is the football coach and we have the no-pass-no-play rule?"
    he was on the jv team our junior year of high school and tried to convince me that football players just understood history better for some reason. idiot.
  3. "sorry i have a boyfriend and he treats me really well"
    a guy stopped me on the street and asked to call my boyfriend to make sure he knows how lucky he is. i dont have a boyfriend.
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  1. group pics
    i once encountered a boy w ONLY GROUP PICS. fuck u
  2. republican
  3. "i just wanna find someone to make memories with"
    shut the fuck up
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  1. yell like hell
    imagine the country western dance club dancing to ellie gouldling
  2. in the drive through line at round rock donuts
    i was a kid and my dad made me laugh about something i cant remember
  3. "dicks out for harambe"
    it was only funny for one glorious day
    it was 3 am
  1. sweet pea
  2. madelyn
    not even my parents call me this and they CHOSE IT???? sometimes i forget it's my name
  3. tiny angel
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