My messy sexual history.
  1. When I lost my virginity
    I started how I was to go on. I slept with a dude while we were both travelling and found out later he had a girlfriend back home.
  2. When I became the 'third' in an open relationship
    The first person I'd been attracted to in years turned out to be already taken. Didn't stop me from trying and as luck would have it, turns out they were open, so he began a second relationship with me. Despite this being honest and above board, girlfriend started to become insecure that he would like me better.
  3. When I hooked up with a fuckboy
    This guy invited me to a party, but when we arrived, his girlfriend greeted him. I was pretty puzzled until he cornered me and kissed me when she wasn't looking. We ended up sleeping together a couple of weeks later. He promised me he would break up with the gf in a couple of days. It was more like a month, but he actually did. Remains the first and only time I 'won'.
  4. When I didn't learn my lesson and messed with the same fuckboy
    Fuckboy and I lasted less than a week 'together' because, unsurprisingly, he was a complete dick. Then about 6-7 months passed and my flirtations with single men didn't really lead to anything. FB had another gf (he's the kind who ends one relationship and immediately starts another) and I started talking to him again. Such is the power of both our mutual attraction and assholishness that we ended up in bed that same night.
  5. When I just said 'fuck it; 3 times is a better story'
    Yep. Fuckboy was onto a completely new girlfriend than the previous ones we had cheated on and we went for Round 3.