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  1. Twitter DM
    Some GoT banter to start us off
  2. Twitter tweeting
  3. iMessage
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Ever since watching Wonder Woman last week, I have watched a Chris Pine film/show every day. Here are some thoughts on them (read: him). *Some spoilers*
  1. Wonder Woman
    Watched: Friday, June 9. This movie was amazing for a million more reasons than Chris Pine that I do not have the space to fully go into. However, I was not a fully converted Pinenut until now, so. 13/10.
  2. Princess Diaries 2
    Watched: Saturday, June 10. Back to where it all began. The turtleneck kills me. 11/10.
  3. Star Trek
    Watched: Sunday, June 11. Completely forgot that Chris Hemsworth is George Kirk, Chris Pine's/Jim Kirk's dad, which makes this whole Chris War thing seem super meta. Anyways, Jim Kirk is a babe but wrecking a perfectly good car as a child was foolish. 12/10.
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just seemed like a week filled with weird things
  1. Walked into a Madewell store and didn't buy anything
    truly an accomplishment
  2. Set my smoke detector off cooking bacon
    I hate crispy bacon but it wasn't bad
  3. Haven't watched the West Wing in 5 days
    Not by choice but I'm impressed nonetheless
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My last NYU winter break was a busy one.
  1. Well, to start off, this was my flight schedule: LGA➡️DFW➡️SLC➡️IDA➡️SLC➡️LAX➡️DFW➡️TPA➡️DFW➡️LGA
  2. Unpacked 15 or so boxes if an old room of mine
    And found so much cool shit, like these collasages I did when I was like 12
  3. Went skiing for the first time in 2 years!
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[or did and deleted] because I chickened out. Also because they follow me on Twitter
  1. My Crown Jewel
  2. OJ
    *still like him*
  3. FNL
    *not the end of it*
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I started this list a few months ago as a way for me to proclaim my love for Jim Halpert, but I just finished The Office and now it's just a way of me coping. Here's a list of some of my favorite Jim faces.
  1. From 'Gay Witch Hunt' S3E1. I don't remember the context but this was the first time I screenshotted a Jim face. Also one of my favorites.
  2. Classic Jim Halpert or John Krasenski about to break character? Will we ever know?
  3. Not sure the context of this one. Obviously a Christmas party. Obviously horrified.
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And I call myself a movie lover.... Judge away. (There are a lot more than a what I have listed here, but I can't quite remember this early)
  1. The God Father
  2. Gone with the Wind
  3. Rebel Without a Cause
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A few of the better, many nicknames people have given me over the years, in no particular order.
  1. Madness
    My personal favorite. Originally started as "F*ckin Madness" but we have since dropped the expletive.
  2. Madsters
    Given to me by my friend Gaddis, who was in turn dubbed "Gadsters." It was middle school, ok.
  3. Madikins
    Given to me by my friend Audrey.
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A list where I plan my future lists. So meta.
  1. Movies I need to see
  2. Books I need to read
  3. Books I read in 2015
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