A few of the better, many nicknames people have given me over the years, in no particular order.
  1. Madness
    My personal favorite. Originally started as "F*ckin Madness" but we have since dropped the expletive.
  2. Madsters
    Given to me by my friend Gaddis, who was in turn dubbed "Gadsters." It was middle school, ok.
  3. Madikins
    Given to me by my friend Audrey.
  4. Madi
    Surprise! Because my name is actually Madilyn. Ha ha ha
  5. Bass Master
    Another personal fave. Given to me by a kid in high school named Eddie who was the king of nicknames. Seriously, I think the year book did a poll once and like 159-200 of the 400 something kids in my school had been given a nickname by him. Pretty impressive.
  6. Mad Dog
    I think everyone in the history of the world gets called this but oh well. Given to me by my favorite coach, Coach Chisholm.
  7. Roadkill
    Ah, yes. Long story.
  8. Madi Sass
    This one has a song to go with it and everything.
  9. Madi Basshole
    Predictable, yet still good.
  10. Pooh
    Yeah, I don't know either, you'd have to ask my mom about that one.