Chris Pine's filmography

Ever since watching Wonder Woman last week, I have watched a Chris Pine film/show every day. Here are some thoughts on them (read: him). *Some spoilers*
  1. Wonder Woman
    Watched: Friday, June 9. This movie was amazing for a million more reasons than Chris Pine that I do not have the space to fully go into. However, I was not a fully converted Pinenut until now, so. 13/10.
  2. Princess Diaries 2
    Watched: Saturday, June 10. Back to where it all began. The turtleneck kills me. 11/10.
  3. Star Trek
    Watched: Sunday, June 11. Completely forgot that Chris Hemsworth is George Kirk, Chris Pine's/Jim Kirk's dad, which makes this whole Chris War thing seem super meta. Anyways, Jim Kirk is a babe but wrecking a perfectly good car as a child was foolish. 12/10.
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness
    Watched: Sunday, June 11/Monday, June 12. I remember the first time I watched this and thinking "of course he doesn't die, that was cheap." Didn't seem to mind as much this time. Still, this was my face when he did. 12/10.
  5. Star Trek Beyond
    Watched: Monday, June 12. First time! Really appreciate that they have kept Jim Kirk, for all intents and purposes, "single" in these films. Really appreciate it. Also, Kirk is old and mature, cute. 12/10.
  6. Hell or High Water
    Watched: Tuesday, June 13. THE FINEST PINE. THE BEST PINE. I try not to objectify him, but I can't help but say this: HIS ASS IN A PAIR OF WRANGLERS AM I RIGHT? My favorite movie. Any implications that my being Texan makes me bias will be considered RUDE. 14/10.
  7. The Finest Hours
    Watched: Wednesday, June 14. First time. A little too romantic for me (like come on, be sensitive to my feelings please) and he spent most of the movie cold and wet, but still cute. 10/10.
  8. This Means War
    Watched: Thursday, June 15. I forgot how cheesy this movie is, my second hand embarrasment was flaring up big time. Also important to note that the first time I watched this I was die hard team Hardy and was sad that FDR got the girl, but I didn't seem to mind as much this time... Also his eyes were HELLA BLUE in this film, so I apologize for using a B&W shot. Also, watched this pirated and it took 3 HOURS (the movie is only 1h44m) bc my wifi sucks. 11/10.
  9. SNL: May 6 - Chris Pine
    Watched: Friday, June 16. Currently watching (for the first time) at the airport and finding it hard to contain all of the emotions stirring inside of me. 12/10 and I'm not even done.
    Up next: Into the Woods, People Like Us, the rest of his IMDb profile...
  11. Into the Woods
    Watched: Saturday, June 17. AGONY is watching Chris sing and be as charming as all heck and knowing, much like Cinderella's step sisters, you'll never have a chance. 13/10
  12. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
    Watched: Sunday, June 18 - Tuesday, June 20. Yeah, yeah, the original movie is better but lemme ask you this? Does it have this Jesus-looking rock god with the voice of an angel? Didn't think so. 14/10.