My last NYU winter break was a busy one.
  1. Well, to start off, this was my flight schedule: LGA➡️DFW➡️SLC➡️IDA➡️SLC➡️LAX➡️DFW➡️TPA➡️DFW➡️LGA
  2. Unpacked 15 or so boxes if an old room of mine
    And found so much cool shit, like these collasages I did when I was like 12
  3. Went skiing for the first time in 2 years!
  4. Put this together with my aunt and uncle and mom and then my mom and I colored it all in 2 days
  5. Rode in an elevator with and parted a crowd for Peyton Manning
  6. Donated 8 bags of clothes to Goodwill
  7. Sold some books at Half Price Books
  8. Hung out with my ex's mom
    And brother.
  9. Hung out with my high school crush's mom
    And dad and cousin, actually. My life is weird.
  10. Returned my ex's Letterman jacket
  11. Read nearly 300 pages in A Clash of Kings
  12. Finally watched Star Wars Ep. 3
    and thus concluded my viewing of the first two waves (3 originals + 3 prequels) of Star Wars films
  13. Saw La La Land, Moonlight, and Silence back to back to back over the course of 3 nights.
    Went to the last 2 alone because I'm a strong, interdependent moviegoer. Also, this is the most film kid i have ever felt.
  14. Followed 4 new dog Instagram accounts
    3 new dogs my friends just got this holiday + 1 dog a friend already had
  15. Took a road trip to Marfa with my best friend
  16. Saw a lot of Art in Marfa and Fort Worth
    From the KAWS Where the End Starts exhibit at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
  17. Put about 1500 miles on Hank (my Jeep)
    and no idea how many on a number of rental cars for work
  18. Did a lot of yoga
  19. Successfully learned how to navigate Pasadena, CA and Tampa, FL
  20. Ate a lot of good food
    Including the BEST SALAD I'VE EVER HAD
  21. Had the same conversation about "my future" with way too many people to count
  22. Learned how to play Settlers of Catan
  23. Worked 145 hours over 11 days
    ESPN, y'all
  24. Set up 2 interviews for internships / networking for the coming weeks in NYC
  25. Got an interview for a real job!
    Taking place in February in Ohio!
  26. Went to the rodeo, twice
  27. Begrudgingly bought a wedding gift
  28. Pet a corgi named Janet that her owner carried over to my car window
    Greatest moment of my life
  29. Went on a hike alone
    And it was the greatest thing. @ Fort Davis State Park
  30. Finally realized that I need to stop wanting [a certain family member] to be someone he's not and just accept him for who he is
  31. Paid $4 to see a bunch of rattlesnakes
    The weirdest thing I've done to date, probably
  32. Saw old friends all over the country
    Like Alex in CA! Also Megan in CA and too many TX friends to name.
  33. Sat on a beach alone and watched the sun set
    California isn't so bad after all
  34. Watched a lot of The West Wing
    and dreamt it was our actual reality
  35. Watched Donald Trump become president in a taco shop
  36. Reached my prime in cookie decorating
  37. Cried