Some things I hope I will remember to achieve in the new year.
  1. Brush my hair
    I often feel self-conscious or unprepared whenever my hair is a ball of frizz (which is most of the time.) I hope to brush my hair and actually "do" it more often so that I feel in control and confident.
  2. Say yes more
    My anxiety disorder has caused me to say no so often. It's time to start saying yes more.
  3. Stay hydrated
    This has been a goal for maybe 4 years now, and I never achieve it. Maybe I'll get a cute water bottle as motivation.
  4. Go to therapy consistently
    Get past my agoraphobia. Challenge myself. Take control. Take care.
  5. Read at least 1 book a month
    12 books minimum. Finish "Tender is the Night" first. I used to read so often, but technology has made me forget the joy of literature. I need to find it again.
  6. Watch more sunrises/sunsets
    Focus more on the present. Marvel at existence.
  7. Eat vegan
    Not 100% but more than I do now. Choose vegan alternatives (coconut milk, dairy-free butter) and avoid dairy more often.
  8. Make video diaries
    One every week. Exercise creativity. Shout into the void. Share.
  9. Volunteer
    Spend more time doing selfless acts + positively impacting others lives.
  10. Exercise
    Run, yoga, lift weights. Create a body I am proud of. One that feels strong and capable and calm.
  11. Minimize possessions
    Get rid of lots of clothes. Only own things that bring me joy. Feel the lightness of not being weighed down by things.
  12. Stop shopping fast fashion
    Make conscious choices. Don't contribute to the negativity of fast fashion.
  13. Watch documentaries
    Once a week. Documentary Tuesday's?
  14. Practice Spanish
    30 minutes to an hour each day on Duolingo.
  15. Spend more time in coffee shops
    Choose to be out in the world, surrounded, open go opportunities.
  16. Get a tattoo
    You know the one.
  17. Write
    In my journal, in my notes, for my next book. Anything. It can be awful, it can be short, it can be sad, happy, hopeful. Just do it. As much as possible.