Self-care + happiness goals

I wrote this list last week. A few points are repeated on my Resolutions list, but I wanted to have this list saved here as well
  1. Go to therapy regularly and work really hard on improving my mental health by...
    a) leaving the house more frequently/for longer periods of time b) becoming more confident being alone (repeat successful outcomes) c) practicing methods from agoraphobia workbooks d) setting goals that are attainable e)creating responsibilities/commitments for myself (i.e. job, volunteering at n + j's school, etc.)
  2. Spend quality time with family
  3. Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier
  4. Run/exercise every week
  5. Drink more water (at least 60 oz. a day)
  6. Take a shower every day
  7. Brush my hair every day + look + feel presentable/confident in my appearance/presentation of myself
  8. Spend more time reading (at least an hour a day)
  9. Spend more time outside on warmer days
  10. Spend more time in coffee shops
  11. View each day as a gift and make the most of it; look alive
  12. Avert my attention from negative feelings (both physical + emotional); positive self-talk and focus on the good
  13. Make less excuses for myself; push through silently; have higher expectations
  14. Minimize my posessions: sell/donate anything that doesn't bring me joy
  15. Take Angel on a walk every day
  16. Eat things that make me feel good
    more fruits and vegetables, less chips + goldfish ex: oranges, apples + peanut butter, smoothies, spinach, cooked carrots, hummus, cauliflower/broccoli, strawberries
  17. Have a consistent skincare routine
    Wash my face every morning and/or night
  18. Make plans with friends; initiate social contentment + invest in people
  19. Practice Spanish daily
  20. Discuss goals/progress and anxieties/obstacles with close ones on a regular basis; share burdens
  21. Express gratitude daily; what am I thankful for? Focus on that.
  22. Do at least one selfless act a day
    (something I don't want to do, but will make life easier/happier for someone else)
  23. Daily yoga/meditation in the morning
  24. Write in my journal more often (daily or every other day)
  25. Sing/dance more often; exude positive energy
  26. Watch one Documentary a week (Documentary Tuesday?)
  27. Save money intentionally; create a budget and a saving plan (consult mom)
  28. Apply for a new credit card and begin to build good credit
  29. Watch more sunrises and/or sunsets
    Look up sunrise/sunset times and plan to watch them