@ me if you must
  1. Taco John's is just as good as Taco Bell
    It has become soooo ~trendy~ to love Taco Bell these days that no one talks about Taco John's anymore. They are simple, tasty, reliable, and POTATO OLAYS
  2. Moist isn't that gross of a word
    Pick a New least favorite word, this isn't unique
  3. Child leashes are kinda dope
    If you didn't have your dog on a leash it'd for sure go missing, yeah well kids too. I've hung out with enough children and I'm telling you they are sneaky bastards who are lightening fast and I bet they LOVE pulling their parents on those leashes
  4. Jennifer Lawrence is the most overrated actress in Hollywood
    Her movies are FINE, people just are obsessed with her because she's so "real"? Is being over 110 lbs and talking about pizza the only thing that makes people normal these days? And her voice bugs me.
  5. Gentrification isn't being taught in our schools and it's important
    Not a hot take just a fact and something that makes me sad
  6. T-Pain was the artist of our generation
    Think of any great middle school song, there's an over 50% chance tpain had a verse in it
  7. Tangled is better than Frozen
  8. Venmo is one of the best if not the best form of social media
    Not only is it easily the most useful app ever created, you get to scroll through and see who your friends owe money to and people get creative sometimes