Ok here we fucking go. Requested by my sister/best friend @lexie_elyse
  1. He's the epitome of the fake nice guy
  2. The fake nice guy is the guy who plays the part of a nice guy not because he is a nice guy but because he wants something
  3. All this whiny brat does is sit around pining for women who dont like him and complain to the women who do like him that no one likes him.
  4. He doesnt tell meredith he wants her, he just complains that she never notices him. Because they're friends. Because all he does is act like her friend, he never lets on that he wants more.
  5. And then when they do have sex and she starts crying- CRYING, in the middle of it, he has the audacity to get mad at her. Her mental state is more important than his ego.
  6. Also he didnt even like Callie. It sucks but he didnt. She was there when his dad died and he needed someone but he didnt like her. He shouldntve married her.
  7. Also he didnt want to buy tampons cause he's a manly man and men dont buy tampons 😒
  8. Overall he's just spineless and annoying and pointless and i despise him.