1. I really wish that person would move so I could sit at my favorite table.
  2. Should I have tried a new drink today?
  3. Nah, I'm glad I stuck with my favorite.
  4. How long can I sit here before I buy a pumpkin waffle.
  5. I wonder if that one guy will come in while I'm here.
  6. I wonder if the girl next to me can hear my music.
  7. I wonder is the girl next to me is judging me for being on my phone instead of reading any of these textbooks in front of me.
  8. Phew, the girl next to me is on her phone too.
  9. I bet the girl next to me and I could be friends.
  10. Man, I should probably do some studying.
  11. I guess that means I have to stop making lists. 😕