1. Guy Fieri
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    My friends and I have a group text that I named "Guy Fieri's #1 Thotties" so I felt obliged to supply the quality Guy content to go with the name.
  2. Mildred B. Cubicle
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    This is our resident skeleton, Mildred B. Cubicle. I don't know why he has such a serious name, my little sister chose it. Here he is sporting a lovely bow.
  3. A meme I made
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    I made this super shitty meme when SC was swimming a few weeks back. Please enjoy my floating rednecks and use of meme generator. This got 8 shares on Facebook so I was basically famous.
  4. Hipster hospital band
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    I got an IUD 3 months ago and the doctor botched it and it got infected and this was my picture from my seven hours in the emergency room getting it removed and my uterus uninfected. Gotta love shitty doctors.
  5. My cat
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    This is Pagan, and he did not want to be photographed.