I started smoking when I was 15. It's been a weird road.
  1. 15
    I smoked my first cigarette, a Newport, with my friend Landon because I was stressed out about an honors algebra I math test we were about to take. I did the typical coughing up a lung thing, but after that, it became our morning ritual. I would get the bojangles, we would park by the football field, eat, and share a cigarette before going to class.
  2. 16
    I started buying my own cigarettes after I got my first job. There was an old gas station outside of town where they didn't card, once again, Landon taught me his ways on this one. I started smoking Misty Menthol 120s because I thought they were elegant and they weren't as harsh as Landon's Newports.
  3. 17
    I got a boyfriend right after my 17th birthday who smoked Marlboro Menthols, so I started smoking those too. I didn't like them as much as my Misty's, but I couldn't complain because he was buying them.
  4. The second half of 17
    A few months later, moved away to college and broke up with my boyfriend. I didn't want to smoke Marlboro Menthols anymore, because I wanted no reminders of him, so I got my new friends to buy me Camel Silvers. I knew I liked them because I had bummed a few off one of the other waitresses off my last job.
  5. 18
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    Around the end of 17, I got sick of the Camel Silvers, but nothing else I tried had enough menthol for me. Finally, on a whim, @taylorjeannesea and I went half and half on a pack of Camel Menthol Crushes. They've been my vice ever since, and I have terrible brand loyalty. Stay true, Camel. Bonus: a hipster photo I took of my pack in a cherry blossom tree.