I got this app because @dylan posted about it on Facebook and now I'm confused but intrigued, and this somehow seems more productive than watching endless Property Brothers reruns, which is what I was previously doing.
  1. I have no idea what I'm doing.
    No, really. I did a year of college for Political Science, then I couldn't afford it anymore, then I got my CNA, and now I'm trying to start a small business as a baker.
  2. I'm southern.
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    I was born in SC and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I love southern culture and how hospitable the people here are. I have a tattoo on my back that's the potential beginning of a "southern traditions" piece. The best part is that all the old southerners are dying out and making way for us new age southern babies to bring SC into the 21st century, and I get to be a part of my state changing for the better.
  3. I'm a Democrat.
    I love Hillary Clinton. She's my spirit animal.
  4. I love cats.
    I have three babies: Pagan, Dee, and Little. My baby in cat paradise is Kinickie.
  5. I've never traveled off the East Coast.
  6. I'm bisexual.
  7. I want to be a foster mom.
    Before I get a family of my own, I want to start fostering as soon as I turn 21. I love children, and I hope to positively impact the lives of these children when they need it most, even if it's only for a short time.
  8. I'm a lover of all things whimsical.
  9. Lastly, here's a selfie.
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