For personal reference when participating in "name a fun fact about yourself" ice-breakers.
  1. I've never had a pet.
  2. I've never lost anything tangible.
  3. I love grocery shopping, preferably alone.
  4. I refuse to use the top sheet on my bed. It's so unnecessary and inconvenient!
  5. I always wear a watch. I don't even necessarily check the time that frequently, but it's a comfort thing.
  6. I hate writing, but I love lists. My journal is a notebook full of lists about everything and anything.
  7. I'm from the south and I drink UNsweet iced tea religiously. (If you're not southern, you won't think this is unusual, but I promise it is. I've been called "un-American" over my disdain for sweet tea.)
  8. I'm gay. (Also not that unusual in the grand scheme of things, but it's a recent discovery so still pretty unusual to me.)
  9. I can't sleep without white noise.
  10. I'm hyper-sensitive to bad smells, in that I can smell them very easily, but also in that they make me irrationally angry.