I have a lofty list of dreams and goals.
  1. Ride a bike
    My parents failed me as a child by not forcing me to learn how to ride a bike and now I'm 20 years old and far too embarrassed to learn.
  2. Speak Spanish
    A useful and practical skill, especially in my future career field
  3. Operate a lawn mower, change a tire, and other things that my parents didn't teach me because they probably assumed I'd have a man to do them for me
    Valuable and necessary life skills that are deemed "masculine" or whatever are still valuable and necessary skills for women to have! (Especially women who do not and will not ever have a man to do them for her...)
  4. Sew a button and other basic sewing skills
    The amount of money I could save if I learned how to repair and hem clothes...
  5. Like beer
    I've been told this is an acquired taste...someone teach me how to acquire it!
  6. Public speaking
    Preferably without vomiting, fainting, or breaking out in hives
  7. Fold a fitted sheet
    A skill that has never failed to amaze me. Someone teach me the cool trick!