1. A movie about a lesbian couple! I really hope this is sweet and powerful! I'm optimistic, despite what I know about most LGBT-themed movies!
  2. Katherine Heigl! I love her! My hopes are so high right now!
  3. Man, Katherine Heigl's family is rather old-fashioned for an urban setting in 2015...
  4. Alexis Bledel could have been replaced with a cardboard cut-out and this movie would be exactly the same. (This is not to rag on Alexis Bledel's acting skills per se, just the writing and producing and directing skills of whomever wrote, produced, and directed this nonsense.)
  5. The very few scenes that feature only the engaged couple are so awkward and platonic that it's hard to believe they're trying to portray an engaged couple.
  6. Katherine Heigl's family is batshit crazy.
  7. This movie might have been powerful or original if it had come out in 1980, but right now, it's just outdated and overdone.
  8. I'm so disappointed. Not surprised, but still disappointed.
  9. I should have read the reviews before I wasted 90 minutes of my life.