1. Bees and wasps
    HATE THEM. Never been stung but I'm not allergic to anything else so I'm sure I'm not allergic. Even so I PANIC when I'm around them. In September/October campus is swarming and they get into classrooms and I've walked out of class before because I can't handle it. Also my most irrational fear. Even thinking about them makes me sweaty.
  2. Needles
    OK this one is weird cause I'm scared of them potentially snapping in half while I'm getting one and it being stuck in me WHICH IS SO IRRATIONAL but when they show it on TV or someone mentions getting the flu shot I get really nauseous and ugh they're the worst.
  3. Hearing the news of someone's death
    Not even so much the death itself. But that potential phone call, a police man at the door, a social media post - I panic. I've only ever been blindsided by death in my life and it's never been ~expected~ so I ALWAYS brace myself for the worst.