....but just can't seem to find a way, time or a desire that's convenient
  1. Journaling
    Writing down how I'm feeling at the moment. Ps. I tried to do this on my computer but It was successful at first but the actual entities were usually negative. And writing using a notebook can be easily found and read through 😟
  2. Reading several books a week for fun that are of actual merit
    .....I've read one book this summer..... The Alchemist . It was good!
  3. Go to art museums
    The only days I want to go are Monday's but the museums are closed on Mondays. It would be fun to have a cool( feaux)toshoot.😉
  4. Start a blog
    My hearts not in it
  5. Start a YouTube channel
    ......AGAIN. (We've all been there)
  6. Go to the gym
    Doesn't happen if my hair has been recently washed