These are all films that the AFI says I need to see. I'd say I pretty much already did...
  1. Lawrence of Arabia
    A very bronzed Peter O'Toole is the desert. I assume a camel makes an appearance or two. I would also say maybe people are thirsty? Lawrence is just out in Arabia makin the best of a bad situation!
  2. On The Waterfront
    Marlon Brando is driving a motorcycle along a waterfront. Maybe some gang activity? I bet there is an enemy of some kind. Either a single person or perhaps just "the man". Lots of cigarette smoking and leather.
  3. The Bridge on The River Kwai
    WWII? Male bonding? I think maybe a group of soldiers is on one side of a bridge that is on the River Kwai and then BLAMMO enemy troops blow it up and now they are cornered and stranded and a bunch die but some make it out and so take that, Nazis!
  4. Apocalypse Now
    Vietnam, napalm in the morning, helicopters, tragedy, ect. A bummer of a movie for sure. I'm sure there is a character we like who dies. Am I just assuming this is a lot like the Deer Hunter? Yes. Is it? Probably not
  5. Tootsie
    Dustin Hoffman dresses up as a sexy lady named Tootsie and I think he sings songs? Or dances? Either way he's performing and probably he is doing for the love of a woman or he meets a woman while he's Tootsie and doesn't know how to win her over as a man.
  6. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
    Lots of yelling. I think there is a son doing something? The movie title really doesn't help because literally no one is afraid of Virginia Woolf, not even her ghost because she's just got nothin spooky going on at all
  7. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    Some fucked up shit happens.