I like to read. These are the books I read in the past year (April 2014-April 2015)
  1. "Skinny Legs and All"- Tom Robbins
    The second Tom Robbins novel I've read (first was Even Cowgirls Get The Blues) and I enjoy him a lot. Super weird and funny and insightful and delightful. I'd like to read more of his books. This was a good one
  2. "Prodigal Summer"- Barbra Kingsoliver
    My mom had been telling me to read this book probably my whole life. She kept saying she was sure I'd love it. Well she was right. I ate it up and loved every moment- one of my favorites for sure now
  3. "Lonesome Dove"- Larry McMurtry
    God damn I loved Lonesome Dove. Have you read it? No? Then go read it. I think about this book and the characters in it daily, no lie.
  4. "To Kill A Mockingbird"- Harper Lee
    I first read this book in like 6th grade and didn't appreciate it fully. I have seen the movie at least 20 times but rereading the book again reminded my why it's a true classic. I even got spooked out and I knew what was gonna happen! I suggest you reread it if it's been a while
  5. "The Pearl"- John Steinbeck
    One of my life goals is to read everything John Steinbeck wrote so periodically I will read one of his little novellas to help me accomplish this goal. This was a classic one- full of what makes humans human, good and bad.
  6. "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage"- Haruki Murakami
    My first Murakami book. I enjoyed it but maybe expected more, especially regarding the ending. Side note- coolest book jacket design ever
  7. "Cry, The Beloved Country"- Alan Paton
    Heart breaking and beautiful. A story that rings true in the world we live in today. A classic I'm glad I read
  8. "Gone Girl"- Gillian Flynn
    Fun! I watched the movie first so I was able to read this book at home alone (usually just read rolling stone magazine when I'm home alone because I am afraid of everything) and even though I knew the basic outline of everything that happens, I was still surprised and excited and spooked at times.
  9. "Drop City"- T.C. Boyle
    I really liked this story of California hippies trying to live off the land in the frozen tundra of Alaska. Left me day dreaming of testing my own skills at serious homesteading and also feeling glad I'm not doing communal living of any kind.
  10. "The Boys In The Boat"- Daniel James Brown
    Do yourself a favor and read this amazing true story of the University of Washington crew team showing Hitler who is boss at the Olympics. Also the only time I will ever root for the Huskies, ever. Go Ducks