Preferably a hot tub time machine
  1. Nirvana Unplugged
    The album from the MTV event is still monumental. I bet watching Kurt and the gang do that "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" cover live would change you as a human.
  2. The Last Waltz
    It's just all my best friends hanging out- being there would be too much fun
  3. Monterey Pop Festival 1967
    The Who, Janis, Otis Redding, Jefferson Airplane- come on! One time my sister and I sat and watched the whole Jimi Hendrix performance from this festival and we cried- I can only imagine my emotional state if I was there in real life.
  4. Dylan goes electric
    Frankly I would use my hot tub time machine for tons of Dylan shows but to be at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival and see it all go down would be a great one
  5. The Beatles rooftop concert
    Who wouldn't want to see this? Just be out for a stroll and then BLAMMO there's the Fab Four.
  6. Elvis '68 Comeback Special
    I used to watch a vhs video of this concert on the regular when I was little and always imagined being in the crowd watching Elvis do his thing in that all black leather outfit. I'd love to use my hot tub time machine to go back and be one of the groovy chicks in the audience. Also to see all that leather IRL 😍
  7. Feist secret show Del Monte Townhouse
    Just my main girl doing her thing right before her album Metals came out.