I'm an avid podcast listener and frequent cryer. Here are some favorite podcasts/ opportunities to cry in public
  1. Radiolab
    You will cry. Just try not to- I dare you. Jad and Bobby K are experts in sneaking up on you and making you find a dark corner at work where you can just let it out. Every story is an insightful treasure that will leave you a better person after listening. And potentially dehydrated
  2. This American Life
    A classic tear jerker. It's not a guarantee you'll get misty eyed every episode but I'd say 9 times out of 10 at least one story in a show will make you look off into the distance and get a lump in your throat
  3. Death, Sex and Money
    Stories about death, sex and money. Hard topics to not cry about. Verklemping is very likely
  4. Fresh Air
    It really depends on the guest but I have found myself holding back the waterworks while Terry dives deep into someone's soul. Also Terry Gross is a living saint.
  5. WTF with Marc Maron
    Marc will also sneak up on you. He knows how to ask questions and get to parts of people's lives that are very deep and very real. He's even cried a few times!
  6. The Moth
    I actually stopped listening to the moth because I couldn't handle how often I was publicly bawling while listening. You think you're just listening to a funny story about a day at the park and then the guys son dies and you're left in a puddle of your own tears. It's too much.